• Protects the ceramic filter for efficient purification

    The pre-filter has the function of "protecting" the ceramic filter by blocking coarse dust, so that it does not settle on the ceramic filter, making it less efficient.

  • Simple and cost-effective maintenance

    When it fills with dust it can be rinsed or vacuumed to prolong its service life. When it is too worn out, it can simply be purchased again on our website and at a low cost.

  • The best protection, for efficient photocatalysis

    The non-woven fabric (TNT) pre-filter with G4 filtration characteristics is able to block coarse dust and larger dirt, such as animal hair.
    This prevents dust from reaching the ceramic filter: it could cover part of the active surface and reduce the filter efficiency.

    Technical specifications

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    Pre-filter pack



    The pack includes 5 pre-filters.