The AV range

A range with 3 filtering motors that differ in filtration efficiency.

It is available in three versions:
AV1: 2 photocatalytic ceramic honeycomb filters
AV2: 4 photocatalytic ceramic honeycomb filters
AV3: 6 photocatalytic ceramic honeycomb filters

The AV1, AV2, and AV3 filtering motors can be implemented in indoor ventilation systems, transportation vehicles, and integrated into stand-alone devices for maximum flexibility.
Options available for this series:

• G4 non-woven fabric filter
• H13 HEPA filter
• Electrostatic filter

  • Neutralises and transforms pollutants

    Harmful particles do not accumulate on the filter as in conventional air purifiers, but are degraded and transformed into harmless substances.

  • Choose the version that suits you best

    3 filtering motors, AV1, AV2 and AV3, that differ in filtration efficiency.

  • Durable, affordable, sustainable

    Ceramic filters last at least 15 years, so they do not need constant replacement and do not result in waste materials.

  • Phoebe technology®

    Made in Italy technology with natural power.

    Thanks to Phoebe technology, which is effective through photocatalysis, the ceramic filter inside the purifier is able to attack harmful particles, breaking their chemical bond until they are completely broken down and shattered.In this way, pollutants are not deposited on the filters, as is the case with conventional air purifiers, rather transformed into harmless particles.

    Performance, durability and a sustainable spirit.

    Most filters on the market (HEPA and activated carbon filters) retain pollutants until the filter is completely saturated. This means that if the latter is not changed frequently, as often occurs, filtration will become less and less effective until the pollutants accumulated over time are released into the air.Phoebe technology destroys all harmful particles and thus is an efficient, safe, sustainable and cost-effective way to purify our environments. It avoids the risk of saturated filters, their periodic replacement and waste materials: rinsing under cold water is enough to regenerate them.

    Activated carbon / HEPA filter
    Filter type
    Standard material
    Advanced and patented ceramic
    Replacement time
    about 3 months
    Replacement cost
    Purification method
    Physically blocks pollutants on the filter
    Breaks down pollutants
    COVID-19 effectiveness
    Yes - Coronavirus certified
    Microbial proliferation on filters
    Physical blockage of pollutants
    Photocatalysis with visible light
    Production of waste for disposal
    Technical specifications AV1
    Technical specifications AV2
    Technical specifications AV3

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    Filter motor

    AV1 is a filter core equipped with a 100 m³/h fan and 2 photocatalytic honeycombs measuring 15 x 15 cm that can be applied to all possible indoor purification areas.

    The AV range